How to match kitchen cabinets and countertop

How to match kitchen cabinets and countertop
If you want to achieve a consistent house design style, you need to integrate all elements in a harmonious way. They should work well together. Apart from the harmony between floor tile and cabinets, this also include kitchen cabinets and countertop. The harmony between kitchen cabinets and countertop will help ensure your overall kitchen design is a success.
Coordinate your cabinets and countertop into a room requires a little planning. You will spend many hours in your kitchen. And you should take the time to make it a room that fits your style and needs. First, decide what type of cabinets and countertop you want. In the selection of kitchen cabinets, you need to consider the design and functionality of your kitchen. Consider those countertop and cabinet stores that fit your budget and style. Second, consider which wood type, color of wood, style of door and cabinets that you are interested in and also those what fits your budget. Look for design, functionality and warranty on the cabinets that fit your standards. Visit a cabinet showroom to compare cabinet construction and added features, such as decorative hardware or glass doors, and choose what fits your needs. Choose the cabinets that look good with your desired countertop color, if you already have that determined. Third, choose your countertop material based on durability, strength, burn-proof material, stain resistance, elegance,and a price that matches your needs. Consider required maintenance and warranties of various countertop materials. Fourth, choose a color based on the desired material. Consider the surrounding areas to match adjacent colors, floors, themes, etc. Consider color contrast like dark cabinets with light countertop. Visit a kitchen showroom for ideas or try an online tool to visualize the color cabinets and countertop you want and even choose floor, wall and appliance colors. Fifth, work with a professional kitchen designer for best results and ideas to match the cabinets and countertop, while still using your personal preference for the final decision. Take a square or sample piece of the desired countertop material and color to hold up to the cabinets, floors and other things you wish to match.
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